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Our Clients

Listed below are some of our recent projects...

​Needed a US go-to-market strategy 


This company's success in Europe and increasing demand for its products in the US gave them an opportunity to move to the next level of growth and success - but the products, strategies and tactics that were successful in Europe didn't have the same impact in the US, which has different competitors and customer priorities when compared to the European market. We worked with this company to create a US go-to-market strategy, helped closed their first US client deal, and they are quickly becoming a well-known brand in the US market. 

​Needed a temporary CEO while the founder focused on the next generation of the product


This company's founder and CEO was also the main product strategist. To create the next generation of his company's product, he needed to spend 100% of his time over an extended period with his product development team. To make sure the company maintained its sales and marketing trajectory while the new product was being built, they took on a temporary CEO who had a track record in their market segment. 

Needed industry expertise in support of patent lawsuits


Small companies suing large companies over patents in nothing new, but in the software industry it is prevelant. One of the best ways to circumvent these patent suits is to prove prior works existed. The best way to prove prior works existed is to have the party responsible for the prior works, or with intimate knowledge of the prior works available as a witness on your behalf. Many of the consultants associated with GWH Associates have been serving the B2B e-commerce market since it's inception in the mid-90's, and have a tremendous amount of knowledge, resources and access that can be utilized in these situations.

​Needed an business plan and funding strategy


This company had a great product, a handful of happy customers and a capable team. What they lacked was enough cash to really take advantage of the market opportunity in front of them. They also lacked any experience raising money from outside investors. We created a viable business plan, investor package, made introductions to potential investment groups. The company received a round of angel funding.

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